The Only Open-Source Open-Enrollment Marketplace For Medical Supplies.
Medical Supply Chain's open-source open-enrollment marketplace has displaced Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO's) obsolete contracting shcemes because GPO contracting schemes have been obsolete for more than 20 years.
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Our Technology Saves You Time and Money.
As Manufacturers, Distributors and Health Systems learn more about MSC technologies they will soon recognize that with open-source and open-enrollment technologies everyone pays the same low price just like you do at Walmart, Target, Amazon and eBay.

Sell your products and ship directly to your customers or health systems and recover millions of dollars lost annually to obsolete contracting schemes. Your customers and shareholders will THANK YOU!

Contact us and allow one of our distributors to help support your supply chain initiatives.

For Consumers and Medical Professionals this means lower cost with direct access to life saving supplies, equipment and interventions.
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